Friday, March 2, 2012

R2P2D7 chug chug

Just chugging along. Yesterday I felt horrible and beyond exhausted! I am using the same bottle of drops from round 1 and worried they may have gone south. If I don't feel better today then I am going to switch to a new bottle. If that doesn't work then I am afraid I may have started back to soon and will need to stop and wait 3 more weeks. Which we all know I really don't want to do! I can't walk around being so unfunctional though.

Start: 151.4
Today: 148.4
Lose: 1.2
Total: 3

Not a shabby lose espically after yesterday's dud. If I can stay in that range then I will have around a 20lb lose which will obviously be nice. Going to have my fruit for breakfast again today since I will be out running more errands.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 1 apple
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz shrimp, 1 tomato
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz asparagus, 10 strawberries

Today has been much better than yesterday. No hunger today and much more energy! Here's hoping for a good lose tomorrow!  Goodnight

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