Thursday, March 8, 2012

R2P2D13 White flag

OK I give! Ending my misery now and waiting 7 weeks then starting again with a freash bottle! So bring on the maintaining. I will update probably every few days now until I begin P2 again.

Start: 151.4
Today: 145.6
Lose: zilch
Total R2: 5.8
Total : 30.8

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

R2P2D12 lalala

Down's better than up I guess. This round is so not as great as the last. Just ready for it to be over at this point!

Start: 151.4
Today: 145.6
Lose: 0.6
Total: 5.8

Hoping at this point I can at least get 10lbs out of this round but not holding my breath.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz chicken, 4 oz tomato, 1 apple
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz shrimp, 4oz cabbage, 8 strawberries

Hopefully no gain tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

R2P2D11 arrrgghhh

Not a great morning... going to switch back to no breakfast and see if that helps any. Ready for this round to be over. Going to wait the suggested 6 weeks between rounds this next time with 36+ lbs to go I don't have time to waste on rounds like this.

Start: 151.4
Today: 146.2
Gain: 0.4
Total 5.2

Yeah 11 days 5lbs. I looked at day 11 from my last round and saw I had gained 0.4 that day also of course the day before I had lost 3lbs so it didn't sting as much then.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz crawfish, 4oz cucumber, 1 apple
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz shrimp, 4oz celery, 8 strawberries

Well let's see how this goes... I would love a nice 3+ lose but not really counting on it.

R2P2D10 ugh

Not really liking this pattern

Start: 151.4
Today: 145.8
Lose: 0.8
Total: 5.6

So not impressed this round and kind of getting aggravated.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 10 strawberries
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz cabbage
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz shrimp, 4oz cuccumber, 1 apple

Blah blah blah 15 more days to go.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

R2P2D9 ahhh

Was pleasantly surprised this morning. Obviously was worried how that crawfish was really going to work out in the end.

Start: 151.4
Today: 146
Lose: 2.2
Total: 5.4
Total of both: 30.4 yay!!!

Yay crawfish lol so glad it didn't hurt me cause I lurves them!!! Hoping for more 2.2 and nooo more 0.2 please!

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 10 strawberries
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz celery
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz smoked chicken, 4oz cucumbers, 1 apple

Hopefully the chicken will do me good. Only 16 more days to go. If I lose an average of a lb a day I will reach the goal of 20lbs. Praying praying! I took communion today. Hopefully they were free calories! Praising God for 30 lbs gone gone gone!

R2P2D8 ooops

Sorry never got this done yesterday. So it will be short and sweet.

Start: 151.4
Today: 148.2
Lose: 0.2
Total: 3.2

Blah to the 0.2 fish for dinner hasn't done me well so going to keep it for lunch I think.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 10 strawberries
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz crawfish, 4oz cuccumbers
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz shrimp, 4oz asparagus

Yes had to have the crawfish! I figured it is like seafood... the doctor in Rome just didn't know how awesome it is!

Friday, March 2, 2012

R2P2D7 chug chug

Just chugging along. Yesterday I felt horrible and beyond exhausted! I am using the same bottle of drops from round 1 and worried they may have gone south. If I don't feel better today then I am going to switch to a new bottle. If that doesn't work then I am afraid I may have started back to soon and will need to stop and wait 3 more weeks. Which we all know I really don't want to do! I can't walk around being so unfunctional though.

Start: 151.4
Today: 148.4
Lose: 1.2
Total: 3

Not a shabby lose espically after yesterday's dud. If I can stay in that range then I will have around a 20lb lose which will obviously be nice. Going to have my fruit for breakfast again today since I will be out running more errands.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 1 apple
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz shrimp, 1 tomato
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz asparagus, 10 strawberries

Today has been much better than yesterday. No hunger today and much more energy! Here's hoping for a good lose tomorrow!  Goodnight

Thursday, March 1, 2012

R2P2D6 blah blah

Not so great a lose today. Whatever only 17 more days then back to good food and a girl scout cookie! Trying not to stress or overthink it and just go with the flow. I'm not very good at that though. On my first round my third lose day was pretty low also. I had my apple for breakfast since usually on Thursday I can't eat lunch until 1 or sometimes 2.

Start: 151.4
Today: 149.6
Lose: 0.2
Total: 1.8

I know I will have better loses just thinking I will have to give myself more time in the maintenance phase after this round.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 1 apple
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz celery
Dinner: 23oz water, 4oz shrimp, 4oz asparagus

Writing this early in the day so I am sure today will be even longer than yesterday since I am already ready to see tomorrow's weight!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

R2P2D5 looking better

Speaking of looking better, I need to try to remember to have the husband take a new picture later. Got off all the load weight and am now on losing new weight yay! Had a small headache last night but it was a stressful day so not sure it had anything to do with the diet. Going to have chicken instead of shrimp today and different vegetables. Hopefully I can keep up the 2+ losses at least during the first week. Looking for a 20-25lbs total lose this round.

Start: 151.4
Today: 149.8 (oh yeah in the 140s!)
Lose: 2.2
Total R2: 1.6
Total: 26.6

Going to stick with just fluids till lunch for today. Tomorrow I will try having the fruit for breakfast and see how that goes.

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz chicken, 1 tomato, 1 apple
Dinner: 20oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz cabbage, 8 strawberries

Today has gone by sooooooo slow! Was looking at the calendar today and since I am only doing 23 days of drops that means just 18 more drop days to go.. yay! Hopefully I will have some nice steady drops in weight and get to goal of 20-25lbs... please? Goodnight!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

R2P2D4 hmmmm

So not what I was hoping for but some people said it was most likely because of the chocolate delights. So yeah won't be having those today! There is always tomorrow right? The dreaded girl scout cookies are here but I will just be freezing those till April! No trouble sleeping yet either so that is good also.

Start: 151.4
Today: 152
Lose: 1.4
Total: -0.6

Breakfast : 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 3.5iz fish, 2 oz celery, 28oz water, 1 apple, 8 oz coffee
Dinner: 4 oz shrimp, 4oz asparagus, 8 strawberries 20oz water

Here is hoping for a much bigger lose tomorrow.   It makes it a little easier to not scarf down thin mints when there is progress!

Monday, February 27, 2012

R2P2D3 lets go

Been a pretty easy smooth day so far. Only gained 0.8 this morning so only gained total of 2 lbs during my two load days. Really hoping for a 4+ weight loss tomorrow but worried that since i did such a short p3 and no p4 that it won't be as good. I guess we will see in the morning!

Start weight: 151.4
Todays weight: 153.4
Gain: 2

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz celery, 1 apple
Dinner: 23oz water, 4 oz shrimp, 4oz aspargus, 8 strawberries

No hunger or headaches or anything like that! Hopefully not to many sleep problems this time around. Goodnight! Heres to losing.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Round2 phase1 day 2 (r2p1d2)

Up 1.2 this morning. Not to bad just want to do this right for the best results! I am seriously so full I can barely breath! Made up some chocolate delights minus the agave nectar for phase 2. I really am so excited for Tuesday to see what that first day lose is going to be! Had milkshake and cookies and cream pie and mozzarella sticks plus white cheese dip. With a few more random fillers. Looking forward to not eating till lunch tomorrow lol good night!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Round 2 Phase 1 Day 1 ding ding

<p>Alright here we go guys and girls! So my start weight is 151.4 which gives me an even 25lbs weight loss from round 1.&nbsp; I am so scared the first round was just a fluke and it isn't going to work this time. Guess we will find out Tuesday. Going out for lunch with the husband today to enjoy my loading days. I can't wait for the restrictions of phase 2 really. Also going to eat more fish this time and see how that goes!</p>
<p>Start weight 151.4<br>
Goal: 125lbs<br>
Goal loss: 26.4lbs for total of 51.4lbs lost!</p>
<p>Breakfast: 4 blueberry waffles with syrup</p>
Lunch: chocolate shake, 1 and half pounds crawfish, mushrooms, sausage, few bites gumbo, crab dip with fried bow tie pasta (I think that is everything...)
Dinner: pulled pork sandwhich, chocolate milkshake, pringles chips

Here's to loading! Is it Tuesday yet?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 21 made it

Woohoo 3 weeks of phase 3 done! Starting my drops again tomorrow! My LDW from R1P2 was 152.8 my weight from day 1 of phase 3 was 151.0 my weight this morning was 151.6.  Can not weight to start losing again so tired of being overweight!!! Hope you are ready for daily updates again!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 19 almost done

Three more days of phase 3!!! Then starting Round 2!! I will be loading Saturday and Sunday then Monday will be the beginning of the 500 calories again and I so can not wait!!! By the end of round 2 phase 2 I will most likely be in the 120s!! OK to catch you up from Day 16 to now:
Day 16: 150.2 lost 1.4 um oops more than 2lbs under LDW
Day 17: 149.4 lost 0.8 OK way to far past LDW
Day 18: 151 gain 1.6 fixed that problem with a few drinks
Day 19: 151.4 gain 0.4 not bad for having lunch out with a friend and pizza for dinner!

Day 1 of phase 3 I was 151.0lbs so if I end on that in three days that would be great! Either way I think I maintained pretty stinking good! Once I start Round 2 Phase 2(R2P2) I will go back to blogging everyday and listing food again! I will be doing more fish this time and not eating the same food twice in a day. Also going to have the chocolate delights minus the agave nectar. 120s here I come! Have a great day!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 15 miss me?

<p>Doing pretty good over here. Maintaining within a lb range but consistently under LDW yay! Had a sub yesterday. It was just crazy busy so had to grab something! 6 more days till I start drops can not wait!!! While yes I did lose 25lbs I am still at the very top of being overweight though. Took a comparison picture yesterday. The top picture is phase 2 day 8.

Start: 176.4
Today: 151.6
Total: 24.8


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 12 doing good

Down another pound in the last two days. Sitting at 151.4 which is 1.4 under LDW. Have seemed to stabilize pretty well between 151.0 - 152.6 with the range I could be in being 150.8-154.8. Still just ready to get back to losing! Going to wait till I make 21 days though which is only 9 more days!! Then back to the awesomeness of losing!  I am even looking forward to the restrictive food because I hate having to decide what's for dinner!

Start: 176.4
Today: 151.4
Lose: 0.6
Total: 25.0

I love seeing that 25! Praising God for the strength (or stubbornness lol) he gives me! He has made this journey so easy and wonderful for me!

Breakfast Lunch

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 10 there it is

Okbso I wasn't that lucky! Gained 1.4lbs this morning, still 0.4 under LDW so still doing good. Did pretty well on eating today I think..

Eggs mushrooms
Tuna salad
Hamburger Florentine

Short about 30oz of water... gotta get back to being better at that!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 9 still going

Saturday morning I lost 0.8 yay! Went out to dinner and had a few drinks and some off p3 meals. Figured I would have some gain this morning but somehow ended up with a 0.4 loss putting me back down to 151 even. Things keep going this way I will end p3 on day 21 instead of 28 and get back to losing!!! Tomorrow I will try to get back on track of listing what I eat and all that!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 7 grrr

Grrr up 0.6. P3D7 -0.2 under LDW. The only two things that could have possibly caused a gain yesterday is the type of hamburger meat I am using ( have gained everyday I ate it) or I made these chocolate delights with to much agape nectar this time around. Going to have my leftovers from dinner (the hamburger) for lunch and no chocolates and see what happens tomorrow. Supposed to workout today but if I do it will throw off the whole test...

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 meatballs

Uhhh some other stuff. This was the night of my daughters sleepover so I was a little busy...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 6 ounces

Up to 151.6 still 1.2 under LDW but not liking this slow creep up. I think I am on the to much protein train. Going to throw in some more veggies and cut out the bacon that was cured with sugar. These small 0.2 oz gains are going to add up if I'm not careful, so trying to keep it in check. Thursdays are my busy days and grocery shopping but I have no clue anymore about what I need to buy!

Breakfast: 1 egg,1 mushroom, 1 cup grapes
Snack: 1 apple
Lunch: 4-5oz tuna dip, 3oz celery
Dinner: hamburger Florentine 4-5oz and 1 apple
Liquid: 16oz coffee and 60oz water

Survived the grocery store. Tomorrow is daughters birthday.... nom nom... NOOOOO Cake :( oh well lots to do tomorrow goodnight!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 5 boring

Maintaining is boring!!! Gained 0.4 but still 1.4 LDW so still doing good. Another 16-23 days of this then back to the fun of losing! Although I am enjoying the food lol Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1oz mushrooms, 1 apple Snack: 10 strawberries lunch: 5 meatballs, some lettuce, tuna dip mixed with tomato sauce Dinner: hamburger, onions, mushrooms, bacon, mozzarella cheese, garlic, lettuce Liquid: 16oz coffee and 60oz water So yeah I am still boring with food! Goodnight! of

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 4 staying

Down 0.2 so still holding strong at -1.8 LDW YAY! Took back that other scale today. It was just driving me crazy. So back to normal weights.

Start: 176.4
Today: 151
Lose: 0.2
Total: 20.4
LDW: 152.8

Did pretty good on food today I think.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 bacon (oops not sugar free)
Snack: 8 strawberries
lunch: 5oz smoked tuna dip, some zucchini, 1 apple
Snack: 6 grapes
Dinner: 2 beefy soft tacos (onions, green peppers, hamburger meat, special salsa, mozzarella cheese wrapped in lettuce)
Liquid: 16oz coffee and 56oz water

Maintaining taste yummy but I would rather be losing!!! Goodnight!

Compare p3d4

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 3 looking down

Well God was looking down at me at least! Only. 2 gain from my over indulgence last night! I did stick with only p3 food so I am sure that helped but I certainly ate well over a good amount of calories. Back on the straight and narrow today though! I bought a new scale yesterday with all kinds of crazy measurements,  but it is 1.2lbs off from my other scale so I am going to bump up all my weights by 1.2 so that I can start using it.

Start: 177.6
Today: 152.4
Gain: .2
Total: 25.2

Picture tomorrow!  Excited to see if there is much visual change. I am enjoying the food but am ready to get back to losing honestly.. is it March 2nd yet?!?! Going for around 1100 calories today but no clue what I am doing for lunch yet... maybe chicken or tuna salad.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 oz smoked chicken - 254 calories
Snack: 1 cup grapes- 63 calories
lunch: 5oz chicken, 2oz zucchini, 1/4 mozzarella cheese, 1 apple - 360
Dinner: meat lovers pizza - mushrooms (as crust), no meat sugar free tomato sauce, onions, green peppers, chicken, Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni,  and mozzarella cheese - hopefully not over 450 calories
Liquid: 16oz coffee and 60oz water

Forgot to have a second snack... drinking my water a little late but should be fine! Going to put the stats every Monday from my new scale.

Hydration: 44.6 (50%)
Body fat: 40.2 (23%)
Bone mass: 4.8 (6.5%)
Bmi: 29.8 (24.9)

Stuff in the () is where I should be! Got some work to do now!  Goodnight!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

P3 Day 2 doing alright

Stayed the same which is good because that is the point of the next four weeks. Then jumping back into losing!!! Going to start working out again on Friday.. can't wait.. so sad to say that lol. Right now I am 1.8lbs under last drop weight (LDW) which means I have 3.8lbs before I have to worry. Been pretty good today so I can enjoy some finger food tonight! Breakfast : (waffle house) 2 eggs, 4 oz chicken, 3 oz tomatoes - 363 calories Snack: 5 strawberries 21 calories Lunch: 1 piece mozzarella cheese, 6 pepperoni around 100 calories Dinner: some chicken wings, some tuna dip with celery, some scallops and bacon, and some ribs... trying not to over do it but not going to try to count the calories on it Liquid: 16oz coffee, 59 oz water

Saturday, February 4, 2012

P3 day 1 say what?

Slept in as late as I could today.. 8 yeah I know I am a rebel. Was really dreading getting on that scale this morning with all my bad decisions last night.

Start: 176.4
Today: 151.0
Lose: 1.6
Total: 25.4

Yes I hit 25lbs!!!! Praising God!!!! I was in total shock when I saw it! Time for eggs and bacon wahoo!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 28oz water, 8oz coffee - 230 calories
Snack: 1 cup strawberries - 43 cal Lunch: hamburger, wrapped in lettuce, with 2 slices of tomato with awesome ketchup I made and piece of mozzarella cheese - 420 calories
Snack: 1 apple - 55 cal Dinner: 6oz lettuce, 6oz tomatoes, 2 slices of bacon, 1 tbsp mayo made into a yummy salad - 180 cal So far p3 rocks. We will see how I feel about it in the morning lol goodnight!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 33 so close

Tomorrow,  tomorrow is just another day away! Dreaming of eggs and bacon! Fyi those chocolate delights sucked! Made another batch but had my chef husband help so not totally legal. Speaking of the wonderful husband he has lost 17 lbs this last month and is 3lbs from his goal! Had a gain but probably because i ate so late and all the experimenting with the chocolate lol

Start: 176.4
Today: 152.6
Gain: 0.4
Total: 23.8

Um OK just tried the new chocolate delights .. yummmy!!! Ate two... so going to see if it hurts me tomorrow lol

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 2 chocolate delights, 1 apple
Lunch: 20oz water, 4oz shrimp, 4oz cucumber,8 oz coffee
Dinner: 13oz water, 4oz chicken, 4oz asparagus, 10 strawberries, 1 pepperoni, 1 black olive
Snack: 6 chocolate delight (don't judge me!!!) Ate so late tonight and feel so bad about eating 6 of those chocolate delights. We shall see what happens in the morning! All I know is I can't wait to eat my eggs and bacon!!! Good night :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 32 Saturday yet?

So ready for Saturday! Got all my yummy meals planned for the day up to 900 calories. I am using Sonia. Russell's book about p3 to go by. Going shopping today and getting stuff to make all kinds of yummy food that is sugar and starch free.

Start weight: 176.4
Today's weight: 152.2
Today's lose: 0.6
Total lose: 24.2

Still have the next two days of vlcd. Then 4 weeks of maintaining this weight +/- 2 lbs

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 1 apple

Lunch: 20oz water, 8oz coffee, 4oz chicken, 4oz cabbage Dinner: 12oz water, 4oz chicken, 3.5oz spinach, 10 strawberries, 1 chocolate delight One more day of vlcd!!! Saturday is going to be so wonderful! !! Made all kinds of yummy stuff to prepare for it. Btw it is very hard to find sugar free bacon

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 31 here we go

So starting to wean off the drops! Kind of scary. Trying to get what I can eat and how much and all that! The rules are I have to stay within 2lbs either way of my LDW (last drop weight) . Going to start exercising on Monday. Bring it on p3!

Start weight: 176.4
LDW: 152.8
R1 total lose 23.6

Not to bad for 31 days.  I will be following the vlcd until Saturday morning.

Breakfast: 1 apple, 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 20oz water, 4oz chicken, 2oz celery ,8 oz coffee
Dinner: 10 strawberries, 4oz shrimp, 4oz cucumber, 13oz water

Oops forgot to finish this last night.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 30 whatever

Well guess all that stress didn't help. Probably going to go till Thursday and then stop the drops and start p3 on Monday yay real food and exercise!! I also didn't get to sleep till late. Guess really I am just happy I didn't gain considering.

Start weight 176.4
Today's weight: 153.2
Today's loss: 0.0
Total loss 153.2

See what we can do in the next two days and go from there I guess.

Breakfast: 28oz water and 8 oz coffee
Lunch: 20oz water, 8 oz coffee, 4oz tomatoes, 4oz shrimp, 1 apple
Dinner: 13oz water, 4oz chicken, 3.5 cabbage, 8 strawberries (dab of mustard)

Now bedtime and we'll see in the morning. Might be my last day of drops!! Goodnight!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 29 maybe

<p>Maybe just maybe there is some hope. Today was a better lose so going to cut back on the fluids again and mix up the food also.</p>
<p>Start weight: 176.4<br>
Today's weight: 153.2<br>
Today's lose: 0.8
Total lose: 23.2

11 more days of drops and 14 of vlcd then onto p3 which seems like heaven right now lol. Today also my Bmi  dropped from obese to overweight!!! Yes I am excited to be overweight sad I know. Wait till you see the dance I do when I hit normal range!

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 9 strawberries
Lunch: 28oz water, 8oz coffee, 3.5oz shrimp, 4oz celery
Dinner: 1 apple, 3.5oz fish, 4oz asparagus

Missed about 5oz of water but should be OK. Was a bit of a stressful day so not sure how that is going to affect me.. but we'll see! Exhausted now bed time!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 28 zeroooo

So much for fish... 12 more days, 12 more days. I am thinking of doing 4 weeks of p3, then 23 days of p2, then 4 weeks of p3 and one last round of p3. It seems I slowed remarkably after day 21 and am now beating my head against the wall. So the short rounds might keep me more motivated.

Start weight: 176.4
Today's weight: 154
Today's. Lose: 0.0
Total lose: 22.4

Obviously 22.4lbs in 28 days is nothing to shake a stick at but dang it I still have 46 more lbs to go!!

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28 oz water, 9 strawberries
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 2oz cucumbers,  4oz shrimp
Dinner: 5oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz tomatoes, 1 apple

So apparently I have been drinking around 100oz of liquid a day. So cutting it down to 77oz tonight which is exactly half my body weight in oz. Also I read somewhere that eating different fruit, veggies, and meat during the day might help. We shall see tomorrow. Good night all!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 27 better

A little happier with today's results. Gives me hope I can reach or get pretty close to my goal of 34lbs in the 40 days.

Start weight: 176.4
Today's weight: 154
Today's lose: 0.8
Total lose: 22.4

So maybe the fish is good... or maybe who knows... having fish again either way.

Today's food...
Breakfast: 28oz water, 8 oz coffee, 1 apple
Lunch: 28oz water, 3.5oz fish, 2oz spinach

Dinner: 28oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz asparagus, 1 apple So we'll see how this goes. Hoping for at least a pound but I'll take whatever I can get! Goodnight!

Another comparison

Ok the first should be day 27 and the other should be day 17. There is only a 4.6 lbs difference.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 26 still going

Well slow but steady is better than nothing or gaining right? Tried the fish for dinner tonight hopefully it does something!

Start weight :176.4
Today's weight :154.8
Today's lose :0.4
Total lose :21.6

Today's food
Breakfast :28oz water, 8oz coffee, 1 apple
Lunch :16 shrimp, 2 or 3 oz spinach (pretty sure I forgot the water)
Dinner :4oz talipa, 4oz asparagus, and 1apple (I know I forgot the water ...)

Hopefully missing all that water doesn't mess me up. Oh well we shall see. Good night!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 25 seriously

Trying my best to not become discouraged. It isn't working to well with all the low numbers this week. I guess cutting out the fruits really didn't matter.

Start weight : 176.4
Today's weight : 155.2
Today's loss : 0.2
Total loss : 21.2

So much for that pound loss. Oh well 15 more days of this. Goal of losing 12.8 more pounds still attainable.

Breakfast : 8oz coffee, 28oz coffee, 10 strawberries
Lunch : 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz chicken, 4oz cucumbers
Dinner : 28oz water, 4oz chicken (smoked), 4oz cucumbers

Here's to tomorrow ...someone said I should start trying some fish so tomorrow going to try that. Going to keep on trucking. Goodnight!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 24 meh

Not so thrilled with these slow days. Hopefully it is just a phase or something.

Start weight :176.4
Today's weight :155.4
Today's lose :0.4
Total lose :21

Chugging along... going to cut out the fruit and see if that kick starts something...

Breakfast : 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch : 28oz water, 4oz smoked chicken, 1 tomatoe
Dinner :28oz water, 1cup celery, 4oz shrimp

Hoping for over a pound tomorrow but we'll see.. not losing hope but down to 15 days to lose 13lbs. Goodnight!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 23 blah

Lost 0.2 lbs... better than nothing right?

Start weight : 176.4
Today's weight : 155.8
Today's lose : 0.2
Total lose : 20.6

Breakfast : 28oz water, 10 strawberries
Lunch : 15 shrimp, 28oz water, 1 cuccumber
dinner : 13 shrimp, 4oz asparagus, 1 apple, 28oz water

Tomorrow better be better!! Going to bed!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 22 crasssh

Well went on a bike ride with the family yesterday and then forgot my last 28oz bottle of water until after 8 at night. These are bad things for me on this diet.  So I ended up weighing 3 times this morning. First time I was up 0.4. Can you say unhappy!!! Then of course my husband, who ate pizza for lunch and yummy tacos for dinner, LOST 2.2lbs!!! After waiting 30 minutes I weighed again this time being up only 0.2. OK fine getting better. So waited another little bit and finally got it down to no loss no gain. The only redeeming thing is I lost half an inch off my waist! So today. I learned no water after 8, just don't do it!! Also unfortunately for my kids no more bike rides until I lose these 14 pounds!
 Todays menu :
 Breakfast : 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
 Lunch : 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 3.5oz chicken, 3.5oz asparagus
 Dinner : 28oz water, 3.5oz chicken, 1.5oz spinach, 1apple 
Here is to hoping for a lose tomorrow! In a hurry tonight. Goodnight! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 21 BOOM!!!!!

Did you hear me? Sorry if I woke you. Praising God this morning for 20.4lbs gone!!!! When I started this at the beginning of January (um yeah 21days ago)  I honestly never actually expected for it to work. You can bet I am a believer now!!! All I can think in my head is by the end of May of this year I will weigh 108lbs!!! I will no longer be obese or overweight. I will be directly in the middle of normal!!

Start weight : 176.4
Today's weight : 156
Todays lose : 1.0
Total lose : 20.4

14 more pounds to go until I move onto phase 3. Few more days I will take another picture.  Anyways what I ate today :
Breakfast : 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch : 28oz water, 3.5oz shrimp, 1 cuccumber, 8 strawberries (milkshake)
Dinner : 28oz water, 8 oz coffee, 1 apple, 4 oz chicken, 2 cups spinach

Not to bad a day. Excited to get through these next 14 pounds and move back to some real food and working out to tone up what I have lost and then start all over again. See you tomorrow hopefully lighter!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 20 steady

So didn't make it to 20 today but still did pretty good. Really good chance I will make it tomorrow though! If not well I will probably just cry...

Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 157.0
Todays lose: 1.0
Total lose: 19.4

It is so crazy that I have already gone through the 70's and 60's already! It also drives me crazy to be HAPPY to weigh in the 150s!! I was 134 right before getting pregnant with my son early 2009. Then after him he totally messed up some button in my body because I could not lose a pound no matter how hard I worked out or how great I ate nothing would come off! Praising God everyday for leading me to this and giving me the will power to make it to my goal (15 more pounds to go!!!!) Anyways here is the totally interesting food I had today:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch : 4oz shrimp, 4oz tomato, 28oz water
Di nner : 3.5 oz.chicken, 3.5oz celery, 25oz water, 1apple

OK already in bed. Praying I reach 20 tomorrow!!!! Gooodnight!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 19 onward and downard

So usually I write this first ting in the morning then post at night, but just didn't have the time this morning, so this will be short and sweet.

Start weight:176.4
Todays weight: 158.0
Todays lose: 0.8
Total lose: 18.4

Todays menu:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 4oz chicken, 4oz aspargus, 28oz water, 8oz coffee
Dinner: 4oz shrimp, 2 cup spinach, 28oz water

Hoping I can lose 1.6lbs tomorrow and hit the 20lbs mark but not holding my breath... that would probably make me weigh more lol family had home made yummy delicious wonderful great smelling pizza for dinner tonight.  20 more days and I can almost eat normal again! Goood night see ya tomorrow

Day 18 the cold sucks

So once again it is cold. I have a theory that the cold hates us and our bodies refuse to let go of the wait when it is cold!

Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 158.8
Todays GAIN: 0.2
Total lose: 17.6

Blah blah blah... I know it is just .2 but I still have 16+ lbs to lose just this round! I don't have time to go backwards! I guess eating the same food as the day before didn't help :( oh well grocery shopping today.... so who knows what I will be eating!
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, and 6 strawberries
Lunch:um 28oz water? Was so busy had no time to eat... oh and 8oz coffee
Dinner: 23oz water, 2cup aspargus, 1apple, and 4oz chicken breast

The lunch thing was not intenial at all and I will not try to repeat it BUT I didn't even notice I had consumed 6 strawberries and just liquids. Here is to hoping for a nice loss tomorrow.. we shall see!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


hahahahah I win!!!! So you can't do everything on tablet or phone.. But finally got this looking right!!!

Day 8
Day 17

Day 17 picture

Looking better I think!

Day 17 oh so happppy

Was totally shocked this morning when I weighed!! I had measured my stomach the night before and had actually lost 2 inches finally!

Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 158.6
Todays lose: 2.2
Total lose: 17.8

Yes 2.2lbs!!! Praise God!!!! I made it into the 150s. Doing the happy dance over here this morning! On a side note my husband is eatting better but not taking the hcg and has lost around 14lbs! He flucates more than I do though but it is nice to see him so happy and feeling better about himself as well. I think today I will emmulate yeterday and see what happens would love to hit that 20lb mark within a day or two! So todays menu:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee and 28oz water
Lunch: 4oz chicken breast ,1 cup celery (darn out of cuccumbers..), 8 strawberries (made into a shake), 28oz water, 8oz coffee
Dinner: 4oz chicken breast, 1 cup spinach, 1 apple, 28oz water

So everything should be the same except the cuccumber since I was out :(  Hoping for a good loss tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 16 better

Finally had a whole pound lose! Which got me to the 15lbs mark! Glad to see it improving was starting to get discouraged. Back on track now though hopefully! Hopefully by tomorrow I will break into the 150s! Not counting those chickens yet though.

Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight:160.8
Todays lose:1.0
Total lose:15.6

Alright kids are going bak to school today so that should put me back on a better schedule also. Todays menu:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 4oz chicken breast, 1 cuccumber, 28oz water, 8 strawberries (made shake again), 8oz coffee
Dinner: 4oz chicken breast, 1cup spinach, 1apple, 28oz water

Hopefully tomorrow brings more happiness! Feel good about today we shall see tomorrow morning!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 15 blah

Blah blah blah... lost 0.2 lbs again. I would really like to start losing again : ( It is a lot easier to sacrifice when you can see it working.

Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 161.8
Todays lose: 0.2
Total lose: 14.6

So yeah blah blah what I ate:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 6 big strawberries
Lunch: 28oz water, 3oz shrimp, 1 cup celery
Dinner: 28oz water, 4oz chicken breast, 1 cup celery, 1 apple

Was pretty busy today. Ate lunch late and a little slim on the shrimp but feeling good. Really hoping I have a 2 lbs lose tomorrow! Going to relax now good night!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 14 meh

Well got up once feeling very bloated... weighed and had gained 1.8lbs!!! Crawled back into bed wishing I had ate something good for all that!!!! Then the mean husband came and made me get out of bed. Figured might as well weigh again since the first one sucked so bad. Thankfull I did not have to smash the scale because now I lost .2 lbs from the day before! Oh the human body... managed to lose 2lbs while laying in bed for two hours lol
Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 162
Todays lose: 0.2
Total lose: 14.4

Didn't make the 15lbs mark but am now officially 20lbs from my end goal for this round! Todays menu:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 4oz shrimp, 2cup cabbage 8 oz coffee, 28oz water
Dinner: 4oz shrimp, 1 tomatoe, 1 apple.. some water

Hoping for 15 in the morning!!! Goodnight all!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 13 still losing

Wish I could still sleep in. Stupid bladder. Lost more than I thought I would so that is good at least!
Start weight:176.4
Todays weight:162.2
Todays lose:1.2
Total lose:14.2

Tonight is going to be hard since we are having people over to watch a movie, but knowing by tomorrow I could reach -15lbs! Todays food consumed:
   Breakfast: 1apple, 28oz water, 8 oz coffee Lunch: 28oz water, 4oz shrimp, 1cuccumber Dinner: 28oz water, 4oz chicken, 1tomatoe, 1apple So i survived the night even though there was dounts, rolls, bacon things, and popcorn! I ate my normal dinner with love knowing where it is going to get me in the end! Good night long day today with another one coming up tomorrow!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 12 down down

Kids have the day off of school... yay Got up at my normal time to weigh and had a wonderful lose of 1.2! Not the best ever but not the worst!
  Start weight: 176.4
  Today weight: 163.4
  Today lose: 1.2
  Total lose: 13

Not to shabby can't wait for that total to be 20 it has been since 2009 I have weighed less than 170. Right before my third child I was stuck at 134lbs ha wht I ouldn't give to weigh that now! Got a late start on the rest of my day. I still haven't tried my shake... maybe tonight! So here is the food I ate today:
Breakfast: 9oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 4oz shrimp, 1 tomato, 28oz water, 8oz coffee
Dinner: 4oz chicken, 1 tomatoe, 1 strawberry shake (12 strawberries, 1cup water, 1tbsp milk, 3 packs stevia blended), 28oz water

Mother nature has struck so I might have a gain tomorrow or not a great loss, but that is ok. The shake was alright but I am not a huge fan of strawberry shakes in the first place lol Here I come day 13! Good night :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11 boooo hisss!

So I told you last night I was not expecting anything great. Well that totally came true! I had a 0.4 GAIN!!!! :( Seriously I think it is the weather change. Anyways they say there is usually a slow down in the second week. I will survive this lol
Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 164.6
Todays gain: 0.4
Total loss: 11.8

So still at the pound a day mark anyways. Was hoping to bust through these 34lbs quicker than that so I can enjoy some food at my daughters birthday party but that probably isn't going to happen... ohhhh well it is worth it in the end!!! Todays menu is:
Breakfast: 28oz water, 10oz coffee, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 28oz water, 4oz chicken breast, 1 cuccumber, 8oz coffee
Dinner: 28oz water, 4oz shrimp, 1 apple, 1 cup celery

Here is to a better tomorrow!!! Going to try to make a strawberry shake tomorrow... hopefully it taste good! Good night here is praying there is a lose tomorrow morning... or I might just cry and that won't be pretty!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 10 oh so happy

Praise God! " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillipnes 4:13 Seriously could never do this without His strength!
I did it! I did it! Not ony did I hit the 10lbs mark I soared right past it!!!!!
Starting weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 164.2
Todays lose: 3!!!!!
Total lose: 12.2 !!!!

Oh yeah that's right!!!! Lost 3lbs yesterday!!! 10 days , 12lbs!!!! That leaves 22 lbs left to go on this round! I could be done in 22days!!!! Alright what I ate today:
Breakfast: 10oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 28oz water, 8oz coffee, 4oz chicken breast, and 1 medium cuccumber
Dinner:4oz shrimp, 1 tomatoe, 1apple, 28oz water

Feel good about today. Getting into a nice groove. I don't expect to lose near as much tomorrow as I did today but still looking forward to getting on that scale tomorrow! Good night :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 9 feeling fine

I will save you the suspense. I didn't make it to 10 pounds. It is cool though unless something catastrophic happens I should easily hit it tomorrow.

Start weight 176.4
Todays weight 167.2
Weight loss 0.8
Total loss 9.2

Still not the greatest night sleep last night but it seems to be a common side effect. Looking forward to that 10 pound mark tomorrow!
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lumch: 28oz water, 4oz chicken breast, 1 tomatoe and 6oz coffee I used that lemon pepper seasoning again since not using it yesterday didn't really matter!
Dinner: 28oz water, 4oz chicken breast, 1cup cabbage, and 1apple. Cooked chicken and cabbage together in a pan with water and the lemon pepper seasoning. Ate a little later than usual so finishing the water after 7 which I don't think I like. We shall see in the morning if I hit 10pounds! Hopefully I sleep better tonight.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pictures yay

So yeah I think this illustrates enough that I'm not at an ideal weight for my height... And if not to bad it is all you are getting

Day 8 feeling good

I have been looking around at other peoples blogs and saw them update all stats daily so I think I will add that in also. They hsd before/after pictures to. I think I will scar y'all for life wih some before pictures soon!
  Start weight: 176.4 (gross!)
  Today weight: 168 all of this is in lbs by the way
  Daily loss: 1.4
  Total loss: 8.4

So better than yesterdays .6 loss so I think I will stay away from eating to late or mixing vegetables. At this rate by tomorrow I could have lost 10lbs. In 9 days!!! Two of those days were scarfing down whatever!!! I love love hcg so far! My goal for this round is 34 pounds. So at the end of this round I should be 142lbs! Then 3 weeks of maintaing, and then 3 weeks of adding yummy stuff back in. Then back to the hcg for round two. If I can lose another 34lbs that round  I will be down to 108lbs!! Being 5 foot tall I feel that will be a good weight I think. Anyways what I ate today:
Breakfat: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 23oz water, 1 tomatoe, 4oz chicken breast (made a sandwhich with this lol)
Dinner: 33oz water, 4oz chicken breast, 1 cup celery, and 1 apple. Cooked the chicken and celery together and then chopped up the apples and mixed! So yum!

Feeling so great on this diet! Hopeully I can sleep a little better tonight. I managed to drink 84oz in water plus the 16oz of coffee... here is to hoping tomorrow puts me at the 10lbs mark! Goodnight!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7 a whole week

I could barely sleep last night. Of course the 2 year old kicking me didn't help but I just wanted to weigh myself so badly! Finally my husband gets up and I decide to give up and get up. Oh I forgot to mention yesterday my mother in law lovingly brought over this huge thing of yummy, gooey tray of cinnamon rolls!!!!! Now in her defense I didn't tell her I was on a diet yet. So get up give the kids the devil food and make a run for the bathroom! Calmly walk and get the scale as not to alert the children. Jump on it, count to 5, look down.... .6?!?!?! What?!?!?! I followed all the new "real" rules!!! Why why why?!?! Ok ok picking myself back up. Maybe it was mixing the vegetables. It could be I ate the apple after 8pm. Or the extra cup of coffee even though they say you can have as much as you want. Well there will be no mixed vegetables today! I will not save my apple either! Also just one cup of coffee regrdless! It could have been the not sleeping too... so even if it kills me I will sleep tonight! Ok ok done ranting here is what I had today:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 4oz chicken breast and cup and a half cabbage and 23oz water Dinner: 4oz chicken breat, cup and half of aspurgas, and 1 apple oh and 28oz of water So now just have to force myself to sleep tonight and see what happens tomorrow morning.

Day 6 still going

Woke up, used the bathroom... jumped on the scale... 2.4lbs!!!! For a total of 6.4lbs!!! Loving this so far! Eating 500 calories isn't bad since the hcg makes it where you don't feel like you aren't eating. I learned a few new things today. Broccoli,grapes, and zucchini are NOT on the approved list... ooops! So went regrocery shopping to get the right stuff!  So here is what I ate on day 6:
Breakfast: 4oz coffee, 28oz water, 10 strawberries
Lunch: 4oz chicken, 2 cups cuccumber ( almost), 8oz coffee,28oz water
Dinner: 4oz SHRIMP (didn't see that coming did you!), then mix of tomatoes,celery,spinah, and onions, and 1 apple which I saved for a little later.
So here is to hoping for a good lose tomorrow! Although they say not to mix the vegetables so that worries me some. New weight 170.0! Goood night!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 5 Still alive

Holy smokes! I woke up and went to the restroom to prepare to weigh myself. Got on the scale, cringed, peeked down with one eye, opened both, looked closer.... Holy smokes!!!! It said 172.4!!!! Yes in one day I lost 4lbs!!!!!! OK I can totally do this for another day!                    
Breakfast: 1 apple, 32oz of water, and 6oz of coffee with flavored splenda.        
Lunch: 4oz chicken breast and 2 cups of zucchini. I cooked these together in a pan with some water and lemon pepper seasoning with no salt or calories.  Dinner: 4oz chicken breast and 2 cups broccoli and 25 grapes. Cooked the same as lunch.          
Yes I know it seems boring but YOU can have a ton of other things... I just like making my life easy.  Excited to see how much I lose tomorrow! Who would ever think I would be excited to get on a scale!

Day 4 the beginning

OK I am no writer but wanted to track this journey through using the hcg diet. I got my bottle of two month supply from walmart for $18. You can get it for a lot more online and with that you get a lot more support. So you are supposed to "load" the first two days. Which means take the drops and eat as much fatty food as you can (yay!).  I ended up having to load for three days because of grocery shopping issues.  Today I finally started the very low calorie part. My weight (yes I am going to say it!) on day 3 is 176.4!!!!                                                          
What I ate on Day 4:                                                                                                                                      
Breakfast: 6 srawberries and  32oz of water. Yummy so filling!                                                        
Lunch: 4oz of chicken breast and 2 cups of brocilio. I cooked them together in a frying pan with some water and used lemon pepper seasoning with no salt or calories.                                    
Dinner: 4oz of chicken breast and 2 cups of brocilio and 1 apple. Cooked the same way as lunch.  
You can get a lot more creative with yor food but I am a creature of habit and am just fine eatting the same thing everyday! Guess we will see if I lose any tomorrow morning!

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