Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 12 doing good

Down another pound in the last two days. Sitting at 151.4 which is 1.4 under LDW. Have seemed to stabilize pretty well between 151.0 - 152.6 with the range I could be in being 150.8-154.8. Still just ready to get back to losing! Going to wait till I make 21 days though which is only 9 more days!! Then back to the awesomeness of losing!  I am even looking forward to the restrictive food because I hate having to decide what's for dinner!

Start: 176.4
Today: 151.4
Lose: 0.6
Total: 25.0

I love seeing that 25! Praising God for the strength (or stubbornness lol) he gives me! He has made this journey so easy and wonderful for me!

Breakfast Lunch

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