Saturday, February 25, 2012

Round 2 Phase 1 Day 1 ding ding

<p>Alright here we go guys and girls! So my start weight is 151.4 which gives me an even 25lbs weight loss from round 1.&nbsp; I am so scared the first round was just a fluke and it isn't going to work this time. Guess we will find out Tuesday. Going out for lunch with the husband today to enjoy my loading days. I can't wait for the restrictions of phase 2 really. Also going to eat more fish this time and see how that goes!</p>
<p>Start weight 151.4<br>
Goal: 125lbs<br>
Goal loss: 26.4lbs for total of 51.4lbs lost!</p>
<p>Breakfast: 4 blueberry waffles with syrup</p>
Lunch: chocolate shake, 1 and half pounds crawfish, mushrooms, sausage, few bites gumbo, crab dip with fried bow tie pasta (I think that is everything...)
Dinner: pulled pork sandwhich, chocolate milkshake, pringles chips

Here's to loading! Is it Tuesday yet?

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