Monday, February 27, 2012

R2P2D3 lets go

Been a pretty easy smooth day so far. Only gained 0.8 this morning so only gained total of 2 lbs during my two load days. Really hoping for a 4+ weight loss tomorrow but worried that since i did such a short p3 and no p4 that it won't be as good. I guess we will see in the morning!

Start weight: 151.4
Todays weight: 153.4
Gain: 2

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 4oz fish, 4oz celery, 1 apple
Dinner: 23oz water, 4 oz shrimp, 4oz aspargus, 8 strawberries

No hunger or headaches or anything like that! Hopefully not to many sleep problems this time around. Goodnight! Heres to losing.

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