Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 33 so close

Tomorrow,  tomorrow is just another day away! Dreaming of eggs and bacon! Fyi those chocolate delights sucked! Made another batch but had my chef husband help so not totally legal. Speaking of the wonderful husband he has lost 17 lbs this last month and is 3lbs from his goal! Had a gain but probably because i ate so late and all the experimenting with the chocolate lol

Start: 176.4
Today: 152.6
Gain: 0.4
Total: 23.8

Um OK just tried the new chocolate delights .. yummmy!!! Ate two... so going to see if it hurts me tomorrow lol

Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 2 chocolate delights, 1 apple
Lunch: 20oz water, 4oz shrimp, 4oz cucumber,8 oz coffee
Dinner: 13oz water, 4oz chicken, 4oz asparagus, 10 strawberries, 1 pepperoni, 1 black olive
Snack: 6 chocolate delight (don't judge me!!!) Ate so late tonight and feel so bad about eating 6 of those chocolate delights. We shall see what happens in the morning! All I know is I can't wait to eat my eggs and bacon!!! Good night :)

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