Sunday, February 5, 2012

P3 Day 2 doing alright

Stayed the same which is good because that is the point of the next four weeks. Then jumping back into losing!!! Going to start working out again on Friday.. can't wait.. so sad to say that lol. Right now I am 1.8lbs under last drop weight (LDW) which means I have 3.8lbs before I have to worry. Been pretty good today so I can enjoy some finger food tonight! Breakfast : (waffle house) 2 eggs, 4 oz chicken, 3 oz tomatoes - 363 calories Snack: 5 strawberries 21 calories Lunch: 1 piece mozzarella cheese, 6 pepperoni around 100 calories Dinner: some chicken wings, some tuna dip with celery, some scallops and bacon, and some ribs... trying not to over do it but not going to try to count the calories on it Liquid: 16oz coffee, 59 oz water

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