Tuesday, February 28, 2012

R2P2D4 hmmmm

So not what I was hoping for but some people said it was most likely because of the chocolate delights. So yeah won't be having those today! There is always tomorrow right? The dreaded girl scout cookies are here but I will just be freezing those till April! No trouble sleeping yet either so that is good also.

Start: 151.4
Today: 152
Lose: 1.4
Total: -0.6

Breakfast : 8oz coffee, 28oz water
Lunch: 3.5iz fish, 2 oz celery, 28oz water, 1 apple, 8 oz coffee
Dinner: 4 oz shrimp, 4oz asparagus, 8 strawberries 20oz water

Here is hoping for a much bigger lose tomorrow.   It makes it a little easier to not scarf down thin mints when there is progress!

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