Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 19 almost done

Three more days of phase 3!!! Then starting Round 2!! I will be loading Saturday and Sunday then Monday will be the beginning of the 500 calories again and I so can not wait!!! By the end of round 2 phase 2 I will most likely be in the 120s!! OK to catch you up from Day 16 to now:
Day 16: 150.2 lost 1.4 um oops more than 2lbs under LDW
Day 17: 149.4 lost 0.8 OK way to far past LDW
Day 18: 151 gain 1.6 fixed that problem with a few drinks
Day 19: 151.4 gain 0.4 not bad for having lunch out with a friend and pizza for dinner!

Day 1 of phase 3 I was 151.0lbs so if I end on that in three days that would be great! Either way I think I maintained pretty stinking good! Once I start Round 2 Phase 2(R2P2) I will go back to blogging everyday and listing food again! I will be doing more fish this time and not eating the same food twice in a day. Also going to have the chocolate delights minus the agave nectar. 120s here I come! Have a great day!

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