Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 20 steady

So didn't make it to 20 today but still did pretty good. Really good chance I will make it tomorrow though! If not well I will probably just cry...

Start weight: 176.4
Todays weight: 157.0
Todays lose: 1.0
Total lose: 19.4

It is so crazy that I have already gone through the 70's and 60's already! It also drives me crazy to be HAPPY to weigh in the 150s!! I was 134 right before getting pregnant with my son early 2009. Then after him he totally messed up some button in my body because I could not lose a pound no matter how hard I worked out or how great I ate nothing would come off! Praising God everyday for leading me to this and giving me the will power to make it to my goal (15 more pounds to go!!!!) Anyways here is the totally interesting food I had today:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch : 4oz shrimp, 4oz tomato, 28oz water
Di nner : 3.5 oz.chicken, 3.5oz celery, 25oz water, 1apple

OK already in bed. Praying I reach 20 tomorrow!!!! Gooodnight!

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