Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 4 the beginning

OK I am no writer but wanted to track this journey through using the hcg diet. I got my bottle of two month supply from walmart for $18. You can get it for a lot more online and with that you get a lot more support. So you are supposed to "load" the first two days. Which means take the drops and eat as much fatty food as you can (yay!).  I ended up having to load for three days because of grocery shopping issues.  Today I finally started the very low calorie part. My weight (yes I am going to say it!) on day 3 is 176.4!!!!                                                          
What I ate on Day 4:                                                                                                                                      
Breakfast: 6 srawberries and  32oz of water. Yummy so filling!                                                        
Lunch: 4oz of chicken breast and 2 cups of brocilio. I cooked them together in a frying pan with some water and used lemon pepper seasoning with no salt or calories.                                    
Dinner: 4oz of chicken breast and 2 cups of brocilio and 1 apple. Cooked the same way as lunch.  
You can get a lot more creative with yor food but I am a creature of habit and am just fine eatting the same thing everyday! Guess we will see if I lose any tomorrow morning!

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