Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 6 still going

Woke up, used the bathroom... jumped on the scale... 2.4lbs!!!! For a total of 6.4lbs!!! Loving this so far! Eating 500 calories isn't bad since the hcg makes it where you don't feel like you aren't eating. I learned a few new things today. Broccoli,grapes, and zucchini are NOT on the approved list... ooops! So went regrocery shopping to get the right stuff!  So here is what I ate on day 6:
Breakfast: 4oz coffee, 28oz water, 10 strawberries
Lunch: 4oz chicken, 2 cups cuccumber ( almost), 8oz coffee,28oz water
Dinner: 4oz SHRIMP (didn't see that coming did you!), then mix of tomatoes,celery,spinah, and onions, and 1 apple which I saved for a little later.
So here is to hoping for a good lose tomorrow! Although they say not to mix the vegetables so that worries me some. New weight 170.0! Goood night!

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