Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 19 onward and downard

So usually I write this first ting in the morning then post at night, but just didn't have the time this morning, so this will be short and sweet.

Start weight:176.4
Todays weight: 158.0
Todays lose: 0.8
Total lose: 18.4

Todays menu:
Breakfast: 8oz coffee, 28oz water, 8 strawberries
Lunch: 4oz chicken, 4oz aspargus, 28oz water, 8oz coffee
Dinner: 4oz shrimp, 2 cup spinach, 28oz water

Hoping I can lose 1.6lbs tomorrow and hit the 20lbs mark but not holding my breath... that would probably make me weigh more lol family had home made yummy delicious wonderful great smelling pizza for dinner tonight.  20 more days and I can almost eat normal again! Goood night see ya tomorrow

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