Monday, March 4, 2013

R2D38 LDW!

Done..Done..Done!!!!!!! Oh so happy! Will take drops today for it to count as LDW (last drop weigh) then three dreadful days of weaning and then 3 weeks of P3 (no carbs or sugar) Ready for some eggs!

Start: 155.4
Today: 135.6
Total: 19.8

Breakfast: coffee with milk and truvia
Lunch: Granny smith apple,  tomato, 4oz beef
Dinner: strawberries, lettuce, 4oz chicken with hot sauce
Water: 5x 16oz water

weight: 135.6 (total loss 19.8)
Thighs: 22 inches (total 1 in )
Hips: 36 half inches (total 3 half in)
Stomach: 36 half inches (total 4 half in)
Bust: 36 half inches (total 3 half in)

Jan 28th

 March 4th

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