Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Small but still very happy with it. I feel much lighter today and clothes certainly feel much better! Hopefully I can get down to 139 by next week! As long as things keep moving smoothly I will not stop before I reach 135lbs but ideally I would like 129lbs. That would put me 14lbs away from my goal and make my June round easier (I hope!)

Start: 155.4
Today: 143.0
Lose: 0.4
Total: 12.4

Breakfast: coffee with milk and truvia
Lunch: strawberries, tomato, 4oz beef
Dinner: granny smith apple, cucumber, 4oz shrimp
Water: 5x 16oz water

With stood the temptation of making 3 batches of browines without even a small taste! Only 4 more days I HAVE to do the diet. I know I will do more than that but we will see how much more as it goes!

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