Friday, February 15, 2013


Hoooray dropped below my lowest since September 14th 2012 ( didn't last long!) The lowest I have been in the last year was 136 but that really didn't last long! Hoping I can make it to 135lbs before I throw in the towel, but we will see...Absolute last day will be March 11th but not sure I will make it 23 more days. Plan on going out on St Patricks day to make up for Valentines day and marks 10 years since mine and my husbands first date :) 

Start: 155.4
Today: 142.4
Lose: 0.6
Total: 13.0

Breakfast: coffee with milk and truvia
Lunch: granny smith apple, tomato, 4oz beef
Dinner: strawberries, cuccumber, 4oz shrimp
Water: 5x 16oz water

stressful day... wine... good night..

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